Citat and SEB Kort – a truly Nordic partnership

In 2012, SEB Kort – a leading Nordic credit card company and subsidiary of SEB – wanted to streamline cooperation in the different markets it was operating in. As it continued to grow, the company required a tactical agency that had the experience, capacity and competence to support it throughout the Nordic region. Crucially, the agency needed to offer tactical support and be able to deliver services for both print material and digital channels.

After an extensive pitch process lasting several months that involved other agencies, SEB Kort chose to sign a three year contract with Citat in October 2012. SEB Kort’s decision was based, partly, on the agency’s proven track record, says Lotten Hellström, Citat’s Account Manager responsible for the SEB Kort project.

“We showed SEB Kort how Citat had worked successfully throughout the Nordic region with companies such as Unilever and Lantmännen,” she says. “Once we’d won the contract, together with the client, we started implementing an internal structure that would best facilitate cooperation with SEB Kort throughout the region. We then began handling several production-oriented projects as well as advisory assignments. The project has grown considerably in size and complexity during the past 18 months.”

SEB Kort, which issued more than 3 million credit cards in six markets between 2011 and 2012, has about 800 employees in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki.

Citat is helping SEB Kort to issue and market 25 different types of credit cards – such as Eurocard and Diners Club – in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Citat is also helping to market cobranded SEB Kort cards for SAS Eurobonus, NK (Nordiska Kompaniet), Statoil, Illum and SJ. Some of these cards are issued throughout the Nordic region, while others are only offered in local markets.

“We have a team of over 25 employees working on this project who are based in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden,” Hellström says. “This is a truly Nordic partnership.”

Together with the client, Citat has developed and implemented a yearly production plan, which details all of SEB Kort’s ongoing projects. The tasks that Citat handles for SEB include the production, development and design of all its tactical communication material, such as digital newsletters, invoice attachments and campaigns.

“For SEB Kort, it is important to measure the outcome of all activities so we are continually developing our ways of working,” Hellström says.

Citat is also currently focusing on improving the use of Google Analytics and is also managing social media channels like Facebook for Diners Club.

“SEB Kort treats Citat like an extension of its own marketing department – I know they value our input,” Hellström says. “I’m proud of what Citat has achieved so far and look forward to embracing new challenges as we continue to develop our partnership with SEB Kort throughout the Nordic region.”


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Business areas

Marketing Services

Serving customers all over
the Nordic region

The business area comprises:
Citat Oy and Klikkicom Oy in
Finland; Citat AB, KliKKi AB,
Mods Graphic Studio AB, and
associate company Brand Systems
International AB in Sweden; and
Citat Ukraine LLC in Ukraine.

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Editorial Communication

Content strategy tailored
for any channel

The business area comprises
JG Communication AB in Sweden.

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customers' expertise

The business area comprises
Edita Publishing Oy and the
National Centre for Professional
Development in Education,
Educode Oy in Finland.

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Print & Distribution

Clever combinations
of printed and digital

The business area comprises
Edita Prima Oy in Finland as
well as Edita Bobergs AB and
Sandvikens Tryckeri AB in

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